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According to a news report of 9th November 2010, the past Tuesday the French Authorities agreed to assist around 30,000 Muslims Pilgrims. These Pilgrims will be performing Hajj this year between the dates of 7th November 2010 to 6th December 2010. Different Actors along with the ministers from the ministries of France have been working to arrange the sponsors to facilitate for this campaign.

Holy Quran Info: Hajj Picture

According to an estimate the French Authorities stated around 30,000 Muslims would be performing Hajj this year. The point in this statement made by the French authorities that needs to be noted that this figure doesn’t include the transit passengers belonging from other parts of the Muslim world like Algeria, Morocco etc. the government of French also opened its consular office in Mecca to assist and provide help to all the French Muslims regarding the problem and queries they face while performing the holy prayer of Hajj this year.


Hajj Making a Holy Exercise

The cultural Counselor of Iranian Embassy in Ghana Mr Abbas Ali Afsari underscored the needs of the Muslims by making this year’s pilgrimage committed to the ideals of the exercise. He told that Hajj is a key pillar of Islam and people should make an effort to implement its principles after the implementation of this exercise too. Exercise of Hajj helps strengthening Islamic unity and faith.


He further said by speaking that it is aimed in teaching and educating the participants of Hajj on the traveling procedures so that they can perform hajj in the best physical and spiritual way.

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