Muslims form all over the globe fast in the holy month of Ramzan. Fasting is an entertainment as well as worship preformed by Muslims. During Ramzan when a person fasts he abstains him self form food and drinks. One wonders what type of entertainment is this without eating or drinking? Well this cant in any way match the modern concepts on entertainment of todays. But Muslim’s regardless of all ages whether adults or children’s, men or women all like to fast in this holy month and try to do as much of good deeds as possible in order to get forgiveness and making a promise to Allah that they would never committed the mistakes they did in the past.


There are many different types of fasting in different religions, like water only fasting, sugar free fasting, all fruit fasting, all meat fasting etc, these type of fasting is just restricted to a particular group of people. But the fasting in Islam is completely different, in Islam muslims from all over the community worldwide participate in this activity abstaining them selves for any type of foods and drinks from dawn to dusk during the whole month of Ramzan.

Some Quotes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) signifying the importance of the month of Ramzan are as follows:

If one does not abandon falsehood in words and deeds, Allah has no need for his abandoning of food and drink.” (Swahihul Bukhari-1770)

Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan, with due belief and seeking the pleasure of Allah, his past errors will be forgiven”– (Swaheehul Bukhari- 1768)

Fasting in the month of Ramzan is more of a training that the believer can act morally by fearing Allah. During Ramadan many mosques get transformed into Islamic learning centers for Quran  , Hadith and other religious matters.

Fasting in the month of Ramzan reflects spirits of unity through out the Muslim community worldwide. While a person being rich or poor, or belonging to what so ever social background experiences the same abstinences form food and water so in short Islam is a region that teaches the lesson of Equality and helps eliminating the concept of inferiority complex.