We being Muslims belief in religion Islam, therefore it is bound on us to lead a life according to the principle and virtues our religion teaches us. Each and every day we work hard in offices so that we may be able to get incentives and benefits from the company we work in, but what actually is forgotten by most of us is that every man has to die one day or the other and at the day of judgment its only going to be our Prayers (Salat) and the good deeds that will simply help us in entering the door of heavens.

Praying (Namaz, Salat)

Praying to Allah Almighty is really one obligatory thing that every Muslim has to fulfill, but we while working don’t bother about prayers as we think we have no time for it and so on. It really feels quite sad to write on this topic as we all have time for messaging, eating, reading books, watching televisions and stuff nut really lack is time to go and offer prayers. What actually is required to teach the importance of prayers to  the children right form the child hood so they may understand for advantage of praying five times a day holds and why one must pray and bow down to Allah Almighty.

The importance of praying can simply be understood be these saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) quoted by (Muslim) is as “To perform the late evening Prayers, of Isha, is in congregation equivalent to spending half the night in vigil, while to perform the dawn Prayer, of Fajr , is in congregation like keeping vigil throughout the night”. Thus it is important for all us Muslims to really understand the importance of praying to Allah Almighty if we wish to lead a successful life with blessing of Allah to remain besides us.