The meaning of “Dua” is to go on asking Allah about something either spiritual or relating to any material as well. It really becomes interesting as when we ask something repeatedly from humans they began to get feed up and begin to mind if you ask any such thing again. Surely most of the people doing such stuff come up with excuses that they tried their best and stuff. Surely it’s a natural fact human are unable to fulfill the desires and needs of human’s. This scenario is all together opposite when it comes from asking Allah what ever a person wants. He minds if a human doesn’t asks him his needs and doesn’t pray as, Allah created us and it is to whom we all humans have to return too.

One is able to find some wonderful verses in the Quran giving importance on the praying to the lord (Allah) and asking him for one desire and needs. Like in the Holy Quran Allah says “I will respond to you invocations” (90.60). What required by a person is have trust in Allah all the time when he is going making a Dua. Along with this the belief of the person matters a lot when one is asking Allah, some one praying for sake of getting something might not be able to get thetrue and right fruit of a Dua made.

There are several chapters of the Holy Quran, that are actually Dua’s, like Surrah Fatiha. There fore being Muslims it is our sole responsibility that we should go one learning the book of Allah the Quran and try to increase about knowledge of Quran and Dua’s.