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Baghdad, a criminal act against a church got reported killing 54 people including the priest along with several being injured. This act was strongly condemned by the Christian denomination in Damascus. According to resources in a statement issued this past Tuesday by the Christian denomination saying that these attacks on the church and killing of innocent people without any excuse are unjustified.

Baghdad attack on Church

This denomination of Christians also wondered how to stop this bloodshed that has being taking place in Iraq. They also called upon for Iraqi officials, United Nations community and the people with peace loving powers to put an end to this inhuman exercise. Islam is a one religion promoting and teaching the values of peace and love. The Al-Islami is a website containing all information relevant to the Holy Quran and a place to find links to resources too. Al-Islami surely a website to visit for sure.


Importance of Prayers in TAHA:

Praying (Namaz) to God (Allah) is one of the main pillars of Islam after believing in thr sovereignty of Allah Almighty. Praying to Allah Almighty is one of such acts that has been made obligatory for every Muslim whether young or old or belonging to what ever age group. The importance of praying to Allah isn’t just an act made compulsory for the followers of Holy Prophet only. It was compulsory for Muslims of the past as well. Importance of prayers can be understood form these verses Of Taha that Allah spoke.

And I have chosen you, so listen to that which is inspired to you. Verily, I am Allah! There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship Me and offer prayer perfectly for My remembrance.” [Taha 13-14]Quran Online

Thus praying is one act that is a way for getting forgiveness from Allah against the sins committed by us. Visit Quran Online for gaining more insight on this topic of what the Quran says on the importance of Prayers. May Allah guide us on to the right path so that we can follow the teachings he mentioned in the Quran and follow our life’s as he intend us to Ameen.