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Baghdad, a criminal act against a church got reported killing 54 people including the priest along with several being injured. This act was strongly condemned by the Christian denomination in Damascus. According to resources in a statement issued this past Tuesday by the Christian denomination saying that these attacks on the church and killing of innocent people without any excuse are unjustified.

Baghdad attack on Church

This denomination of Christians also wondered how to stop this bloodshed that has being taking place in Iraq. They also called upon for Iraqi officials, United Nations community and the people with peace loving powers to put an end to this inhuman exercise. Islam is a one religion promoting and teaching the values of peace and love. The Al-Islami is a website containing all information relevant to the Holy Quran and a place to find links to resources too. Al-Islami surely a website to visit for sure.


Today muslins amongst all the religious sects are the ones facing tremendous difficulties. Once who were looked up as the torch bearer’s of knowledge, who introduced the principles of humanity, the most civilized among all are today eyed with doubt.  Today any where in the world if a person introduces him as a Muslim he is considered as a terrorist or a fanatic.  So where do we lack? What is the reason that today we aren’t respected and given honor? Well the error lies in between our selves as we Muslims have forgotten the most important lesson- the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran

Holy Quran is a book that teaches us all the manners and etiquettes that have all the solutions to our problems, a book that can take us to the righteous path, stop us from leading astray. Holy Quran isn’t just a book it’s a complete code of life.

The reason of our decline is the fact that we no more take help or guidance from the Holy Quran. Where as it’s the only source available that can take us to the peak of success. The Holy Quran isn’t just a book it contains answers and solutions to all our problems, we just need to open it up, Read Holy Quran and apply on our day to day life.