Karbala the holy city of Imam Hussein (AS) released the first issue of the magazine “The Muslim Family”. This magazine got released in association with the information center of Karbala. According to the news agency this magazine contains wide issues regarding the female activities of the Muslims. This magazine provides articles, interviews and reports relating to female activities of Muslim community. This magazine also provides readers with interesting subjects and stories of the accomplishment of great Muslim women’s.


Sami J. Kadim the editor in chief of this magazine told that this magazine is published with a total of 36 pages and the vision kept in mind in making this magazine is to promote the cultural and religious knowledge among the Muslim community. This is one magazine gaining the eye of most people. Quran Online is a place available on the internet for gaining information about the Quran. One can even use the services of the Quran Online to learn how to read and learn the Holy Quran which is a book of Allah Almighty through internet. The Services provided by Quran Online are the best in the world as it has got qualified staff available to teach you 24/7 when ever you fell comfort in learning how to read the Holy book.