What’s required by an individual in following the way as prescribed by Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran is that one should always be good and kind to others no matter what the situation may be. The reference for performing these good deeds comes form these verses of the Holy Quran from the (Surah Ar Rad. 11) that “For every individual there are angels in succession, before and behind him.  They guard him with the command of Allah. Verily Allah would never change the condition of the people until or unless they change it themselves. But when Allah willeth punishment with on a person, there can be no turning back on it while nor they will find any one besides him to protect them”. This is reason why our teacher and tutor Quran really relies and gives importance while teaching to be as good and kind to others as one should be able to win the hearts of others.


Here is a hadith of Holy Prophet (PBUH) narrated by Abu Huraira signifying and and supporting the talk of doing good deeds. According to Abu Huraira quotes, Allah Almighty apostle prophet (PBUH) said “The deeds of anyone of you will not save you form the fire of the hell” The prophets preachers replied “Even you o Allah’s Apostle will not be saved by your deeds?” The prophet (PBUH) replied “No even I will not be saved until of unless Allah bestows his mercy upon me. Therefore what is required is to do good deeds sincerely along with worshipping Allah almighty in the parts of afternoon and forenoon in a regular course whereby you will be able to reach the target (Heavens and the Paradise)”. From all of these references quoted one can easily understand the importance of being good and kind to others while also remembering Allah Almighty by praying to him and asking for forgiveness so he can finally win the reward of the Heavens on the Day of Judgment.