The Book entitled by the name of “Hijab in Islamic Culture” finally got published by the President Office of the Center for Women and Family Affairs. This book has been writer by Seyyed Hamid Mir Khandan. This book contains approximately 184 pages with investigations as to why women should wear a Hajib. More than 3000 copies of this  book have been published up till now.


The importance of this book is in respect to the cultural point as to why women should cover their head and what’s the influence a Hijab can have on the society at large. What a Hijab is able to reflect it self is that it is a symbol of cultural beliefs with in the society. This book describes several topics on the theme of Hijab as to what is the importance of Hijab in Islam, What is the influence of Islamic Covering of Head, The Government and Hijab, The Criticism and Limitation opposed on spreading the culture of Hijab and so on.

This book is an answer to all the challenges as to what the western world has raised over wearing of Hijab. This book will surely help clearing the vision of the western society as to where wearing of a Hijab is considered as a danger and threatening the principles and policies of the state.