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Terry Jones a Christian Minister of Florida cancelled the event of burning the Holy Quran that was planned to take place on Saturday the 11/09/2010. This event struck to protests from Muslims all across the globe. The organizer of this event wanted to celebrate this in the memory of the terrorist attacks in 2001.


Due to the result of the protests and anger shown by Muslims lead to the cancelation of this event. This act forced Terry Jones to announce on this Thursday the reasons why he changed his heart due to the reaction shown by the Muslims.

Holy Quran

Terry Jones: (Agreement)

About the cancellation of the event of burning the Holy Quran Terry Jones told the news paper agencies that he came in a mutual understanding with the Muslim authorities in removing the mosque the Mosque from the location close to the place where the 9/11 incident took place.

The minister said “The American people do not want the mosque there and, of course, Muslims do not want us to burn the Holy Quran,” said Terry Jones. The Imam agreed to move the Mosque which in turn led to the cancellation of this event.

New York Imam (Muslim Preacher): (No Agreement)

The Imam of the Mosque in responding to the above statement of terry Jones said that their has been no talks regarding the movement of the mosque and such an agreement hasn’t taken place at all. The Mosque is at its current location and will stay there.


With political and religious parties condemning this act to the Minister planning the event, eventually lead to cancellation of this event. Thus in short it can be said if we Muslims get united and start raising our voices that day isn’t far when we Muslims would regain our lost position.


Being Reminded Through Nature

We are no doubt living in an artificial world. The objects we usually interact with are mostly computers, cars, mobiles etc. These objects are a cause of creating a barrier to interaction with the natural world to which we are somewhat limited or cut off all together.

Like we mostly become unaware of the sky because the view gets blocked by tall building and air pollutions, while we become unaware of the grass as the soil is mostly paved and covered with streets. In fact the small patches of grass appearing out of the pavements are the only things that are natural also seems unnatural to us.

Quran and Nature

Each time we look at the sky, the sun, the moon, whenever the wind blows upon our faces we take then as common things having no significance or no what so ever.  We find nothing special as we have become disconnected with the natural world. We don’t realize what are the immense blessing of Allah Almighty are around us. The sun gives light and warmth, wind brings the clouds which are a source of water, the air we breathe provides oxygen, thus there are countless blessings of Allah that he has blessed to mankind.

It is a habit of human nature that we always complain about the blessing Allah Almighty has provided us with. Like often we are given rain, we mostly complain of getting wet. While the truth is 80 % of our body is made of water, yet we fail to show gratitude to Allah Almighty due to our hardened hearts.

In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty says. The Sky is one, He swears many times by the sky, indicating that sky is an amazing and a profound creation of his creator. About the sky it is also used as a vivid description of the Day of Judgment. That day the sky will be torn, ripped open like a doors. That day every one would be appear before his creator and based on what ever he did in the world would be sent to the heaven and hell respectively.

These mentioned dare all powerful reminders that Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran. Thus it is obligatory for us as being Muslims to read and understand the Holy Quran and act our life according to the way and barriers Allah has defined in his book the Holy Quran.

It should be understood clearly in a simple and easy way, we call claim of having wide knowledge of our religion but all fail to understand what our religion expects from us to practice.


As the point of keeping things simple makes it easy for explaining more about religion and what would I like to focus in on in the holy month of Ramadan is a content of worship known as ITIKAF, which is preformed by staying and remembering Allah while remaining in a Mosque.

The views of a person performing ITIKAF is often concluded as that he has been involved in the greatest act offering Salat (praying) and achieving the reward 27 times more than normally while praying with peace of mind and devotion. While if we compare this with a person who is not performing this act ITIKAF.   He would not be able to pray in full attention and concentrations as he has to rush back to his business or so this causes distraction in a continuous and long connect with Allah and hence doesn’t allow him to achieve any reward which he can.

Thus, ITIKAF is an act which helps a person to devote himself solely towards Allah Almighty. While trying to create a relationship that can lead to forgiveness and blessing from Allah Almighty. Following is an verse of the Holy Quran explaining the importance of ITIKAF.

Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness. And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden” (Surah 23)

The glorious Muslims religious scripture the Holy Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel. This revelation took a period of twenty three years to get completed, sometime in the form of short verses while some time in the form of long chapters.

Holy Quran

After receiving the revelation, Prophet engaged himself in the activity of conveying the message of Allah to his companions by reciting the exact word in the exact order he heard. The Quran’s rhythmic style and fluent expression makes it easy to memorize. As in ancient times writing was scarcely used, memory and oral transmission were the only source of communication available.  So large portion of the revelation got memorized easily by a large number of people.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged his companions to learns the verses and pass it on to others. The recitation of Holy Quran was also required at the time of worships epically during the daily prayers.  Through this means many repeatedly heard the revelation and memorized it during prayers. By this act the Quran got memorized word by word according to the correct sequence by the companions of the Holy Prophet.

As the companions of the Holy Prophet spread out to various provinces with different populations the also took their recitations along and instructed it to them. In this way the same Quran became widely retained in the memories of many across vast and diverse areas.

The world’s oldest Quran in history got compiled in Madina by Othman, the third caliph of the Muslim world, and thus got named as the Othman Koran. Before him, the sacred verses that Allah Almighty revealed on Prophet (PBUH) were either memorized or written on pieces of wood or camel bone.

Othman Quran

So in-order to prevent dispues about which versed should be considered divinely inspired, Othman compiled a completely definitive version. This book of Quran got completed in 651 AD only 19 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This priceless Quran is kept in a special glass fronted vault built in a wall of a tiny inner room.

About one third of the original script stills survives today. It has around 250 pages with huge volume written in bold Arabic. It is to be believed that Caliph Othman made five copies of the original Quran. And a partial Quran in the Topkapi Place in Istanbul is considered to be a one of these copies.

Eid In Islam: Quran

Islam is a name of preservation of life which is keeping your self with in the boundary of Quran. There fore for this purpose it is compulsory for mankind to know what are the boundary walls of Quran. Ramzan is month which is a specific instrument for measuring self control while keeping your self with in the limits prescribed in the Holy Book the Quran. The benefit of fasting for a person in Ramzan is that it helps to build up such character that make it possible for them for achieving higher goals given by Allah Almighty. While after this month long exercise of fasting finally finishes Allah has given a reward to his followers to celebrate a day known as Eid.

Eid in Islam

It is common thing known that people belonging to every tribe, race or religion celebrate festivals of one sort or the other. But what’s different in Muslims is that they celebrate this festival worldwide on a single day depending upon the sighting of the moon of 1st Shiwal. Eid ul Fitr is in deed one of the sacred annual celebrations of the Quran’s revelation. This festival of Eid is a memorial of the living and lasting revelation the Quran. Islam is a religion which is a name of obedience and laws that have to be obeyed not by compulsion but by respect and the core of the heart.

The world’s oldest Quran, Islam’s most sacred relics lies in one doubtful corner of Tashkent the Uzbek Capital. This is a reminder in history of the role the Muslims of Central Asia played in preserving this book, a fact which is overlooked after seven decades of Soviets incredulity.

Othman Quran
The place where this Quran now kept is a library located in the am old area of Tashkent known as Hast-Imam. This place lies down in a series of dusty lanes near the grave of the 10th century scholar, Kaffel-Shashi. There are approximately 20,000 books and 3000 manuscripts in this library as said by a young mufti scholar Ikram Akhmedov.

The books and manuscripts present in the library are mostly on mediaeval history, astronomy and medicine. While apart from this there are also commentaries on the Quran and books of law. But the oldest book of Quran present here is the Othman Koran from the seventh century.

Muslims form all over the globe fast in the holy month of Ramzan. Fasting is an entertainment as well as worship preformed by Muslims. During Ramzan when a person fasts he abstains him self form food and drinks. One wonders what type of entertainment is this without eating or drinking? Well this cant in any way match the modern concepts on entertainment of todays. But Muslim’s regardless of all ages whether adults or children’s, men or women all like to fast in this holy month and try to do as much of good deeds as possible in order to get forgiveness and making a promise to Allah that they would never committed the mistakes they did in the past.


There are many different types of fasting in different religions, like water only fasting, sugar free fasting, all fruit fasting, all meat fasting etc, these type of fasting is just restricted to a particular group of people. But the fasting in Islam is completely different, in Islam muslims from all over the community worldwide participate in this activity abstaining them selves for any type of foods and drinks from dawn to dusk during the whole month of Ramzan.

Some Quotes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) signifying the importance of the month of Ramzan are as follows:

If one does not abandon falsehood in words and deeds, Allah has no need for his abandoning of food and drink.” (Swahihul Bukhari-1770)

Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan, with due belief and seeking the pleasure of Allah, his past errors will be forgiven”– (Swaheehul Bukhari- 1768)

Fasting in the month of Ramzan is more of a training that the believer can act morally by fearing Allah. During Ramadan many mosques get transformed into Islamic learning centers for Quran  , Hadith and other religious matters.

Fasting in the month of Ramzan reflects spirits of unity through out the Muslim community worldwide. While a person being rich or poor, or belonging to what so ever social background experiences the same abstinences form food and water so in short Islam is a region that teaches the lesson of Equality and helps eliminating the concept of inferiority complex.

Holy Quran was the book that got revealed to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This book the Holy Quran is a way of guidance for all humanity. This book provides to all problems that mankind can even think off. Some quotes that portray the importance of Holy Quran are as follows.

Holy Quran

Hazrat Usman quoted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Among you is who learns Quran and then pass it on to others”   (Bokari Book of Fazial)

Hazrat Abu Hurara quoted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Do you not like that when you reach home you have three precious and good quality camels at your place, we said why not. Then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied if among you who offer prayers (Salat) and in it pray three Aya of Holy Quran, they are far more precious than the three camels” (Muslim Book of Salat)

Hazrat Ayesha quoted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Quran at the time of judgment will be among Malayaka (Angels) and those people who find reading Quran difficult and read slowly and with hindrance will get rewarded twice” (Bokhari Book of Tafseer)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umer quoted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ”You should envoy upon two persons, one is to whom Allah Almighty has bestowed  Quran and the one who recites it day and night” (Bokhari Book of Fazial)

Well all of these quotes above clearly clarify the importance of Holy Quran, so we should make Reading Holy Quran a habit and try to gain guidance from it in order to enter the doors of heavens.

Today muslins amongst all the religious sects are the ones facing tremendous difficulties. Once who were looked up as the torch bearer’s of knowledge, who introduced the principles of humanity, the most civilized among all are today eyed with doubt.  Today any where in the world if a person introduces him as a Muslim he is considered as a terrorist or a fanatic.  So where do we lack? What is the reason that today we aren’t respected and given honor? Well the error lies in between our selves as we Muslims have forgotten the most important lesson- the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran

Holy Quran is a book that teaches us all the manners and etiquettes that have all the solutions to our problems, a book that can take us to the righteous path, stop us from leading astray. Holy Quran isn’t just a book it’s a complete code of life.

The reason of our decline is the fact that we no more take help or guidance from the Holy Quran. Where as it’s the only source available that can take us to the peak of success. The Holy Quran isn’t just a book it contains answers and solutions to all our problems, we just need to open it up, Read Holy Quran and apply on our day to day life.